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I reside in Hamilton, just south of the city where my beloved Blue Jays reside. I have been a die hard fan of the Blue birds since the summer of 84, back when we had to suffer those cold April games on the unforviving steel benches of old Exhibition Stadium. Many years and a Dome later, I am still watching the Jays and rooting for them to go all the way again. Hopefully that will happen again sooner than later!


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Greetings fellow Blue Bird Fans! posted on 07/24/2008

I was nine years old when we first went out to see the Blue Jays. Dad took us all out to see our first game at the Ex, and we were excited to see our first game and didn’t care how cold it was. Games in April and May were not too pleasant in Toronto before the Dome was build, and the cold, unforgiving steel bleachers of old Exhibition Stadium were enough to num your bum before the fifth inning was over. I don't remember too much about that game, but a only a few small details.

The blue jays didn't win, but they did win enough games that year to finish second to that year’s World Series winning team, the Detroit Tigers. I also remember that Lloyd Mosbey stole third base, which wasn’t that uncommon for him that year since he stole thirty-nine bags, which was his career high. I also didn't catch a foul ball that day despite being out there with my glove on in the cold weather. I had one hand in my pocket and the other in my glove, holding it out on the cold steel bench waiting for a lucky shot to come my way. It never did but I still watched the game and was captured by the whole spectacle of it. Right then and there, I became a lifetime fan of the game of baseball.

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