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SHOCKING BREAKING NEWS!: Ricciardi is not all that bad! posted on 07/25/2008

Okay, before you start hurling your overpriced Rogers Center beers at me, let me explain myself.  If you are a Toronto Blue Jays fan then this year has no doubt caused much frustration, disappointment, and possibly even anger for you.  15 years of what seems to be institutionalized mediocrity will do that to any sports fan.  Whenever a team disappoints like this the blame has to be placed on someone, and usually the fall guy is either the manager or the General Manager, and in this case it’s both.

        John Gibbons paid the ultimate price a big league manager can pay for the Jays’ futility this year, but many Blue Jay loyalists want J.P Ricciardi’s head as well..

        The only responsibility of a Major League General Manager is to put together a team capable of winning, and I would argue that J.P has done just that.  Before the season started media in cities around the Major Leagues were hailing this years’ Blue Jay team as the one that could finally disrupt the New York/Boston stranglehold on the AL East (very few failed to predict the Tampa Bay insurgence however), Jays fans seemed to be very optimistic heading into the season, and comments from AL East players echoed the sentiments that the Jays would be a team to be reckoned with in 2008.   While clearly all these optimistic onlookers would be proved wrong throughout the season, what is clear is that JP fielded a team that was capable of winning, they just haven’t done it. 

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